About Dr. Siva Danaviah

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Siva Danaviah received a PhD from University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2009 with training in Molecular Virolgy and Bioinformatics. My doctoral research on the Immunopathogenesis of TB Spondylitis in HIV-Infected and -uninfected patients, suggested viral compartmentalization in the isolated spinal TB granuloma, which was a novel finding. The study also highlighted the need for a more sensitive, broad-range molecular diagnostic tool for pauci-bacillary diseases such as spinal TB. My investigation of T-cell proliferation in spinal TB granulomas of HIV-infected and -uninfected patients indicated a greater role of CD8 T-cells in the site specific immune response in CD4 depleted / immunosuppressed patients.


CD4+ T-cell count may not be a useful strategy to monitor antiretroviral therapy response in HTLV-1/HIV co-infected patients.
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Analysis of Dominant HIV Quasispecies Suggests Independent Viral Evolution Within Spinal Granulomas Coinfected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HIV-1 Subtype C.
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