Post-Doc and PhD positions available at the Afrocentric Precision Approach to Control Health Epidemics Flagship Project of UKZN

We invite applications from ambitious Post-Docs (x10) and PhD (x10) students, to undertake research in a Flagship programme of UKZN in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. In this Flagship, leading investigators from different disciplines come together to develop cutting-edge research ideas on precision medicine, precision public health and translational science.

KRISP and UKZN Flagship Diagram showing how precision medicine, precision public health and translational science are related in this Flagship applicatio

Figure 1: Diagram showing how precision medicine, precision public health and translational science are related in this Flagship application. The diagram also shows some of the disciplines that will be applied in this trans-disciplinary project.

In total, we have ten post-doctoral fellowships and ten PhD positions that will be funded by this Flagship program. Importantly, these individuals will have access to some of the best datasets in the world and will be working with leading scientists, who commonly publish in some of of the top journals of the field (i.e. Science, Nature, NEJM and Lancet). Each of sub-projects will have 2 Post-Docs and 2 PhDs funded by the Flagship, who will work together as a trans-disciplinary team to answer the most important global health questions.

1. Post-Docs and PhDs on Precision Medicine and Public Health to understand the HIV, TB and Cancer epidemics in Africa Mentors: Prof. Tulio de Oliveira, Prof. Frank Tanser, Dr. Richard Lessells, Dr. Veron Ramsuran and Prof. Ben Sartorious

- Post-doctoral Fellowship available - Precision Public Health, Durban, South Africa

- Post-doctoral Fellowship available - Precision Medicine, Durban, South Africa

- PhD (x2) Scholarships available - Precision Medicine and Public Health, Durban, South Africa

2. Novel Pathogen and Host Biomarker Discovery for the development of vaccines and rapid diagnostics for Tuberculosis. PI: Prof. Manormoney Pillay

- Post-Doc (x2) & PhD (x2)

3. Accelerated Development of Afrocentric Cancer Therapies. PI: Dr Clinton Veale

- Post-Doctoral Fellowship (x2) Afrocentric Cancer Therapies

- PhD Fellowship (x2) Afrocentric Cancer Therapies

4. Establishment of a Centre for Health Law & Ethics. PI: Dr Donrich W Thaldar

- Post-Doc (x2) & PhD (x2) Centre for Health Law & Ethics

5. The UKZN Zebrafish Research Platform. PI: Prof. Carola Niesler

- Post-Doc (x2) & PhD (x2) Scholarships available - Establishment of Zebrafish Models for Human Disease and Toxicology, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

KRISP state-of-art building at Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine

Figure 2: World class facilities at Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine will host fellows of this program. The K-RITH building, where KRISP is located, has 300 full time researchers and seven floors of state the art facilities, including advanced P3+ labs, genomics, bioinformatics and proteomic resources.

Positions are based in Durban or Pietermaritzburg in South Africa

Durban is the city with the higher quality of life in the African sub-continent. "Durban's higher ranking is mainly due to its high-quality housing, plentiful recreational offerings, great weather and good consumer goods availability," Mercer annual Quality of Living Survey results stated in a press release in 2018. In case you are interested to discover Durban, please get a look on the video below.

News date: 2019-01-08


KRISP has been created by the coordinated effort of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the South African Medical Research Countil (SAMRC).

Location: K-RITH Tower Building
Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN
719 Umbilo Road, Durban, South Africa.
Director: Prof. Tulio de Oliveira