CERI Laboratory gears up for ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation, Pioneering Excellence in Genomics Services

In line with the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI)’s commitment to provide high quality genomics services, the laboratory is gearing up to achieve ISO/IEC17025 accreditation – an internationally recognized Standard for testing laboratories. This prestigious accreditation is internationally recognized and is key to laboratories aiming to demonstrate their operational competence and ability to produce valid and high-quality results.

CERI’s pursuit of this Standard underscores its dedication to excellence and reliability in genomics, building trust in its services both domestically and globally. “Achieving ISO/IEC17025 accreditation will not only enhance our reputation but also assure our clients and partners of the rigor and precision in our testing procedures,” remarked Lucious Chabuka, CERI’s Acting Lab Manager.

The preparation for accreditation included a comprehensive training program held from April 15-18, 2024, spearheaded by industry experts Mponeng Poo from QualExpect Consulting Services and Dr. Lavanya Singh, a specialist in Quality Management at KRISP. The workshop aimed to cover all aspects of the ISO/IEC17025 Standard to ensure the laboratory’s processes are robust, reliable, and fit for purpose.

Dr. Lavanya Singh commented on the session, "Our goal is to not just prepare the lab for accreditation but to instill a culture of continuous improvement. Understanding and implementing ISO/IEC17025 helps us ensure that our processes not only meet, but exceed the rigorous demands of quality in genomics testing".

Participants of the training session engaged in a variety of interactive activities designed to deepen their understanding of the Standard’s requirements. Moreover, the session was also an opportunity for professional development, with attendees earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. “The training was an eye-opener, integrating both fun and learning while equipping our team with the necessary tools to tackle the challenges of compliance,” noted one of the laboratory technicians who attended the workshop.

As CERI continues to implement measures to manage risks and seize opportunities for improvement, the lab is on a clear path to not only achieving, but also maintaining the Standards set forth by ISO/IEC17025. This initiative is part of CERI’s ongoing commitment to enhance its Quality Management and Technical processes, aiming for continuous and measurable improvement in the quality of the genomic services it provides.

With the accreditation process in full swing, CERI Laboratory is poised to set a new benchmark in genomics services, promising its clients and collaborators results that are not only technically valid but also consistently reliable.

News date: 2024-05-02


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