HIV Drug Resistance Testing (Clinical)

Sample type:

Plasma, EDTA whole blood


10 working days

Service details

HIV-1 drug resistance testing involves sequencing of the protease (PR) and reverse transcriptase (RT). PR + RT is used normally for protease inhibitor and NRTI and/or NNRTI inhibitor.

Please request a quote by clicking in the green box above and we will send you all of required documentation (i.e. request form, instructions for the request forms, instruction for the preparation of the patient, instructions for transportation of samples, etc.).

You can also fill the HIV-1 Drug Resistance test request form (KF87) which can be downloaded here (Request Form) and sent together with the samples.

Details information for patients and users:

Sample requirements and general information:

1. Sample types:

- Fresh plasma collected in a PPT tube / frozen plasma (at least 500 ul)

- EDTA whole blood (at least 3 ml)

2. Sample rejection criteria:

- Haemolysed, lipaemic samples

- Samples without any details / incomplete request forms

- Samples with insufficient volume

- Fresh samples >72 hours from collection

3. Request Form:

• The HIV-1 Drug Resistance test request form (KF87) can be downloaded here (Request Form) and sent together with the samples.

4. Sample transport:

- Fresh samples should be received on ice (2 – 8 °C in a cooler box)

- Frozen samples should be received on dry ice / frozen

5. Opening hours:

- Monday – Friday (8:00 to 16:30)

6. Service details:

See hardcopy

7. Factors known to significantly affect the test performance:

- Samples that have undergone >1 freeze / thaw cycle

- Samples with viral loads <1000 RNA copies / ml

8. Clinical advice and report:

- Clinical advice on HIV-1 Drug Resistance test result (mutation levels, mutation scores and interpretation) is available.

9. Customer survey and complaints:

- Please complete our customer satisfaction survey here

- If you have any complaints about our service, please contact the laboratory manager or laboratory director by clicking here.. The laboratory has a complaints procedure number KWI04 - Resolution of complaints - to follow and address your concerns.


HIV Drug Resistance Testing (Clinical)


HIV Drug Resistance Testing (Clinical)