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Ion S5 next-generation sequencing

KRISP services

NGS of Amplicons, Microbial Whole Genomes, Exomes, Transcriptomics, 16S RNA, Microbiome

KRISP contact

Dr. Jennifer Giandhari, Ms Nicolette Crozier, Dr. Veron Ramsuran or Prof Tulio de Oliveira, for quotes and details on KRISP NGS Research & Sequencing Services.

Equipment summary

The Ion S5 next-generation sequencing system enables scalability and flexibility to support a broad range of high throughput sequencing applications, from microbial genomes and gene panels to exomes and transcriptomes. The Ion S5 System leverages the speed of semiconductor sequencing with impressive on-board computing power, to enable the production of high quality sequencing data.


KRISP expertises

next generation sequencing, NGS, microbial genomes, exomes, transcriptomics