The Grant Process - Pre-Award and Post-Award process at KRISP and UKZN

The process of seeking and obtaining an externally funded research or training grant can be challenging for new, emergent and even senior principal investigators (PI). Here we provide a summary of the process you should follow, along with contact information for the people who can provide immediate assistance as you proceed at KRISP and UKZN.

Raising Research Grants - A tale of team work, perseverance, patience and accepting criticism - KRISP history in 2018

Our principal investigators (PI) are continuously writing grants. This is normally not an easy task and it involves hard work, patience, perseverance and resilience. Here we provide a summary of the grants that we have prepared in 2018. We also present the awarded or rejected list of grants as we think that it is important to tell the truth about the competitive nature of research funding. Our objective is to assist you to understand the process and be prepared for competitive grants applications.

Video - Grants support unit at KRISP, UKZN Durban, South Africa

KRISP video highlighting the important role that grants and project management play in allowing researchers to achieve scientific excellence in South Africa.

Find Funding - List of Agencies in South Africa and abroad

KRISP maintains a list of selected funding sources and databases. In addition, our grants managers maintain an email list for KRISP, APACHE and UKZN interested researchers that highlights new opportunities.