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ddPCR - On-demand assays on Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR)


Blood, plasma, extracted DNA

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Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) technology is a digital PCR method utilizing a water-oil emulsion droplet system. Using the ddPCR system we can accurately quantify the absolute number of copies from microbes, genes, copy numbers, and rare mutants.

Droplets are formed in a water-oil emulsion to form the partitions that separate the template DNA molecules. The droplets serve essentially the same function as individual test tubes or wells in a plate in which the PCR reaction takes place, albeit in a much smaller format. The ddPCR System partitions nucleic acid samples into 20,000 nanoliter-sized droplets, and PCR amplification is carried out within each droplet, compared to qPCR and traditional PCR, a single sample offers only a single measurement. This technique has a smaller sample requirement than other commercially available digital PCR systems, reducing cost and preserving precious samples.


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