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Using the qPCR system we can accurately quantify the number of copies from microbes, genes, copy numbers, and rare mutants. We have validated qPCR TaqMan Array Card for many common pathogens.

Microbes that can be detected with the Respiratory Panel include:

- Adenovirus

- Bocavirus

- Enterovirus

- Human metapneumovirus

- Parainfluenzavirus (1-4)

- Parechovirus

- Rhinovirus

- Influenza (A and B)

- Measles

- Coronavirus_229E

- Coronavirus_HKU1

- Coronavirus_NL63

- Coronavirus_OC43

- Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

- Severe acure respiratory syndrome (SARS)

- Mumps

- Respiratory syncytial virus (A and B)

- Human herpesvirus 3 (VZV)

- Human herpesvirus 4 (EBV)

- Human herpesvirus 5 (CMV)

- Human herpesvirus 6

- Coxiella burnetii

- Bordetella pertussis

- Bordetella holmesii

- Chlamydophila pneumoniae

- Haemophilus influenzae

- Klebsiella pneumoniae

- Legionella pneumophila

- Moraxella catarrhalis

- Mycoplasma pneumoniae

- Staphylococcus aureus

- Streptococcus pneumoniae

- Pneumocystis jirovecii


Diagnostics and Precision Medicine


Pathogen Identification and Quantification

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PCR quantification, Gene expression, High Resolution Melting (HRM)