15 minutes: KRISP Work at a Glance

In this new section of the krisp.org.za website, the idea is that anyone with 15 minutes to spare can learn about our work and its application in everyday life.

4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) UNIX/Linux Training, Durban, South Africa, 2-3 March, 2020

KRISP Training - 2020-03-02

Learn UNIX/Linux from our experienced KRISP bioinformaticians. This 2-day course will teach you the basic UNIX/Linux commands that you will need to manage data. This is the first of five bioinformatics courses that KRISP is presenting in 2020.

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Outbreak: Genomics & Epidemiology

KRISP Talks - 2020-02-14

KRISP Talks by Prof. Tulio de Oliveira (KRISP UKZN & CAPRISA), Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Outbreak: Genomics & Epidemiology, Friday 14 Feb 2020 (11:00am - 12:00pm), K-RITH building, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN, Durban, South Africa. All welcome!

KRISP Newsletter Jan 2020: Reversing brain drain and training the next generation of scientists in South Africa and abroad.

KRISP Newsletter - 2020-02-04

This month, we launch our bioinformatics training program for 2020 and highlight as one of our key researchers become affiliate to the African Academy of Science. We also join the international community to fight the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic, published a key paper on understanding HIV transmission hotspots and renewed our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to provide very affordable sequencing in Africa

Promotion Sanger Sequencing at KRISP - Jan to Dec 2020

Promotion Sanger - 2020-01-13

KRISP is running a Sanger Sequencing promotion to celebrate the launch of two new Sanger Sequencers (ABI 3730xl and 3500). Unbelievable prices for 2020. Capillary electrophoresis only – R 25 (per sample well). Sequencing of PCR purified amplicons – R 45 (per primer). Sequencing of PCR unpurified amplicons – R 75 (per primer).

KRISP Join Stanford SPARK Global Program and creates Durban SPARK Innovation Breakfast Monthly Meeting

KRISP News - 2020-01-01

KRISP at UKZN partner with Stanford University on a global innovation program: SPARK GLOBAL: Translational Scientists without borders. As part of this program we run a monthly meeting (first Wednesday of EVERY MONTH) to discuss innovation, select and mentor start-ups that can produce translational research.

KRISP Service Brochure 2020

KRISP Business - 2020-01-01

KRISP expanded its genomics service offers. Our DNA sequencing services incorporate internal quality control (IQC), external quality assurance (EQA) and procedures are validated and performed by HPCSA-accredited scientists. Here you can access a detailed brochure of the genomics services we provide in Africa.

YouTube Videos

Genome Detective: From sample to whole genome of new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Belgium in hours. Fast and accurate detection of COVID-19 virus.

From Janssens K, Deforche K, de Oliveira T, Vandamme AM, date: 2020-02-14, duration: 00:02:42

KRISP Strategy Meeting 2020, Drakensberg Mountains, Nature, Team Building and Science in Africa

From de Oliveira T, Giandhari J, Paul, KRISP, date: 2020-01-27, duration: 00:02:01

KRISP Public Engagement Photography Exhibition Lifeblood: A Showcase of African Diversity by Samora Chapman

From Paul and Tulio de Oliveira, date: 2019-11-03, duration: 00:01:05

Illumina Sequencing to keep samples in Africa

From Tulio de Oliveira, date: 2019-03-31, duration: 00:02:57

DNA PCR technology: ddPCR - Digital Droplet PCR in Africa, KRISP, Durban, South Africa

From Veron Ramsuran, date: 2019-03-31, duration: 00:03:13