Newsletter, Oct 2013: News, blogs, manuscripts & Youtube videos!

The concept behind this newsletter is that anyone with 15 minutes to spare can learn about the work of SATuRN. In this third issue of 2013 our newsletter we focus on our digital videos activities. We have also included interesting news, blogs, reports, tweets, publications and training information produced by our network.

This issue's highlights are:

Blog & Publication: Unresolved non-adherence drives early 2nd line ART failure

Blog: Simultaneous detection of major HIV-1 drug resistance mutations using a multiplex allele-specific assay

Blog: Multi-step inhibition explains HIV-1 Protease inhibitor pharmacodynamics and resistance

Video: HIV & TB drug resistance and clinical management casebook

Video & Publication: High-Levels of Acquired Drug Resistance in Adult Patients Failing First-Line Antiretroviral Therapy in a Rural HIV Treatment Programme in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

VideoBlog: SATuRN and PASER Scientific Meeting

Workshop: Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH), School of Public Health (SoPH), University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 25 November till 13 December 2013

Produced by: Tulio de Oliveira, Tobias Rinke de Wit, Justen Manasa, Lungani Ndwandwe, Sonia Boender, Christopher Hoffmann, Raph Hamers, Lynn Morris, Anna Salimo, Jennifer Giandhari & Chris Seebregts

News date: 2013-10-01


Publication cited

Human Retrovirus Codon Usage from tRNA Point of View: Therapeutic Insights. Frias D, Monteiro-Cunha JP, Mota-Miranda AC, Fonseca V, de Oliveira T, Galvao-Castro B Alcantara LCJ, Bioinformatics and Biology Insights (2013), 7:1-11.

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