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Oxford Nanopore MinION

KRISP services

NGS of Amplicon, Microbial Whole Genomes, Human Genetics, Cancer & Environmental samples

KRISP contact

Dr. Jennifer Giandhari, Ms Nicolette Crozier, Dr. Veron Ramsuran or Prof Tulio de Oliveira, for quotes and details on KRISP NGS Research & Sequencing Services.

Equipment summary

MinION is the only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing. Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–20 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb, e.g. 100,000bp) as you can choose your fragment length. The MinION streams data in real time so that analysis can be performed during the experiment and workflows are fully versatile.


KRISP expertises

Microbiome, virus & bacteria whole genomes, Human genetics, cancer research, transcriptomic, environmental research


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