KRISP Newsletter July/August 2019: Genomics Africa provide access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and affordable sequencing in Africa

This month, we focused our newsletter we focus on the launch of Genomics Africa, a KRISP & DIPLOMICS initiative to provide access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and cost-effective genomics services in Africa . In our newsletter, we highlight the Genomics Africa activities on Human Genomes, Animals & Plants and Pathogens & Microbes. We want to challenge the status quo and allow the genomics revolution to benefit Africa.

KRISP newsletter July/August 2019 KRISP & DIPLOMICS launch of Genomics Africa to provide access to high-quality, output-driven, customer-centric and cost-effective genomics services in Africa

This issue's highlights are:

- Genomics Africa: KRISP & DIPLOMICS launch Genomics Africa

- Genomics Africa: Sequencing Human Genomes in Africa to Fight Disease & Record Human History

- Genomics Africa: PACBIO, ONT, MGI-SEQ, Illumina and Sanger technology to sequence Animals & Plants in Africa

- Genomics Africa: Internationally competitive prices and pipelines for viral and bacteria data generation and analysis in Africa

- Genomics Africa: SAMRC funds KRISP & Oxford to sequence HIV positive Children who are able to control the virus and do not progress to AIDS

- Genomics Africa: Decoding the South African Indian genome for diabetes and heart disease health risk

Services: KRISP provides access to high-throughput Illumina sequencing in Africa

Papers: Space-time clustering of recently diagnosed tuberculosis and impact of ART scale-up: Evidence from an HIV hyper-endemic rural South African population, Scientific Reports 2019

Papers: Whole genome sequencing for drug-resistant tuberculosis management in South Africa: What gaps would this address and what are the challenges to implementation? Journal of Clinical TB and Other Mycobacterial Dis (2019),

Papers: Effects of genetic variability on rifampicin and isoniazid pharmacokinetics in South African patients with recurrent tuberculosis. Pharmacogenomics. 2019

News date: 2019-08-01


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